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Anahata Wholeness

Sacred Womb Workshop 9/21/2024 6:30pm-9:30pm (CHARLOTTE, NC) PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE IN CHECKOUT

Sacred Womb Workshop 9/21/2024 6:30pm-9:30pm (CHARLOTTE, NC) PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE IN CHECKOUT

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Sacred Womb Workshop

🌟 Join us for a life-changing workshop experience brought to you by Shekinah Keys and Iman, The Sacred Womb Doula! 🌺

Unveil the profound power of the womb beyond its physical form - a divine space of creation, a gateway for souls, and the ultimate source of life itself.

🌸 Discover the Sacred Womb Workshop:
- Embrace the womb as a sanctuary for creation and life's essence.
- Delve into the impact of trauma and emotional barriers on the sacral chakra and body.
- Embrace holistic practices to restore mind-body-soul harmony and rediscover your creative core.

🌿 Why Removing Trauma is Essential:
1. **Revitalize Your Physical Health**: Release tension, pain, and ailments for a healthier you.
2. **Nurture Your Emotional Well-being**: Say goodbye to anxiety and depression with trauma release.
3. **Enhance Your Quality of Life**: Regain mobility and vitality for a more fulfilling existence.
4. **Prevent Chronic Conditions**: Safeguard yourself from ailments like fibromyalgia and autoimmune diseases.
5. **Cultivate Better Relationships**: Heal physically for healthier connections with others.
6. **Empower Self-Discovery and Healing**: Find growth and self-awareness through trauma release.
7. **Build Long-Term Resilience**: Equip yourself to tackle life's challenges with strength and grace.

📅 Save the Date:
- **When**: 9/21/2024
- **Time**: 6:30pm - 9:30pm

🌟 Workshop Facilitators:
- **Shekinah Keys**: Your Transformation Guide
- **Iman, The Sacred Womb Doula**: Expert in Womb Healing

🌺 Don't miss this opportunity to transform your life from within! Reserve your spot now!





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