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Anahata Wholeness

Bengkung belly binding

Bengkung belly binding

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nourishing restorative practice for postpartum and menstruation support.

Bengkung belly binding is a beautiful traditional practice of self care; originating from Malaysia and Indonesia. It’s a postpartum practice which supports healing for diastasis recti, the core, and pelvic floor, by ceremoniously wrapping the body with a length of cloth in a specific method. This postpartum binding method can support the rehabilitation to the muscles, ligaments, and bone structures that are naturally stretched, weakened, and displaced during pregnancy.

Often the individual who binds describes it as feeling like the most comforting and supportive hug.

We responsibly source a 100% premium grade natural unbleached cotton muslin, providing the superior strength, support and control a quality bengkung bind requires. This natural cotton is hand dyed using 100%, non-toxic cold-water environmental dyes in our solar powered dye studio.

Our binds are approximately 9 inches wide by 17 yards long.

*****We recommend line drying all binds.*****

Our eco dye methods and color-ways are inspired by earth gemstones. Each gem is renown for emanating specific properties.  
Gemstones can also have different cultural meanings. We encourage you to research the gemstone we were inspired by in creating this Bengkung bind. Our provided gemstone meaning is a starting point for you to begin learning the profound properties this bind can manifest.

Create your own Restorative & Nourishing Postpartum by using our binds to honor yourself and initiate your self care routine. Deepen your healing by mindfully using the gemstones properties that match your intentions to manifest personal wellness.

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